The hardest thing we have to do

The news that one of the students at school has died is always a gut-wrenching moment in the life of the school community. Memories are all we have left to celebrate for one of our students today but we will remember him with love and laughter. Our thoughts and prayer are with his family tonight. I have no more words to write myself so I have borrowed some from a poet:

I Do Not Think My Song Will End – Johnny Hathcock

I do not think my song will end
While flowers, grass and trees
Abound with birds and butterflies
For I am one with these.

And I believe my voice will sound
Upon the whispering wind
So long as even one remains
Among those I call “friend.”

I shall remain in hearts and minds
Of loved ones that I knew,
And in the rocks and hills and streams
Because I love those, too.

So long as love and hope and dreams
Abide in earth and sky,
Weep not for me, though I be gone.
I shall not really die.


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